listing Services

Overview of my services

Listing your home is a monumental decision. I aim to make the process as seamless and successful as possible through creative marketing and my lifetime of local networking.

Factors of a successful sale

  • LOCATION: We usually cannot move a home! To coin the favorite phrase of appraisers: "Location, Location, Location". The pricing of your property must reflect its location.
  • CONDITION: The upkeep and presentation of your property is crucial to obtaining the highest value for your home in any given market at any given time. The pricing of your property must reflect its condition.
  • PRICE: Price is the number one factor in the sale of a home. A property is really only worth what one person is willing to pay another to gain ownership of it. Price must be in direct relationship to the other 4 factors and it is the most important of all!
  • THE MARKET: Interest rates, competition, and the economy all make up and influence the state of the market when you sell your home. The pricing of your property must reflect the current status of the market
  • Marketing strategy

    When I list a property for sale on the market, I have one primary objective: to sell it for the highest attainable price. My marketing plan will help ensure that it is met. The way the property is presented, the marketing materials, promotion, and advertising are essential to the process.

  • Pricing
  • Website exposure
  • Photography
  • Brochures
  • Advertising
  • Listing Services
  • Direct Mail
  • And dozens more tactics!
  • Why pricing is so Important

    No single factor is more crucial when selling your home than establishing the correct selling price. California real estate trends show that a home priced correctly will most likely have multiple offers. Please understand even in a very aggressive market … overpricing hurts the seller.
    Overpricing can cost you:

  • Convenience: Endless months of open houses, telephone calls at all hours, and disrupted leisure time.
  • Time: Time spent preparing for open houses, waiting for potential buyers to arrive, or waiting for an offer.
  • Opportunities: Lost opportunities to purchase your new home because you can't sell your old one.
  • Money: A lower eventual sale price out of sheer desperation - and lost interest or use of equity.